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Black Orb band members photo in 2019

Founded in 2017, Blavk Orb is a musical project that explores the sounds of metal in its broad spectrum. With a markedly instrumental base and the audiovisual support, they manage to recreate atmospheres and stories resulting in an elegant, emotional and devastating show.

At the beginning of 2018 comes the first EP: 'Empire'. A conceptual work that, taking an empire as simile, runs through the different phases which any entity with consciousness passes by. Each song is a phase that could reflect the vital evolution of a living being.

In spring 2019 they launch their second EP titled 'Totem'. Another conceptual work like the previous one, but this time diving in the development of the human being using characteristic attributes of certain animals. Each song reminds the features of the creature that is in the totem: power, courage and patience are reflected in the bear, the hawk represents visionary power, wisdom and tutelage, and the badger creatively achieves his goals without stepping on others.

Black Orb band members photo in 2018

BLavk Orb are:

Daniel G. Nogales - guitars
Daniel Solé - guitars
Rafa Arjona - drums

Black Orb band members photo in 2019